How to contact LHS by email: download the LHS FORM on the home page of this website.

Fill out the form and email it back to LHS together with the patient's medical records and other information available. E-MAIL:

2 .

You'll get reply from LHS soon.

After basic evaluation, LHS would deliver the patient's records and information to relevant specialists for consultation to decide an operation or not, based on the patient's individual condition.

And in short, LHS would email the patient with a medical suggestion, no matter the patient's situation fits an operation or not.


If possible, LHS may send out a consultant to visit the patient so as to have a face to face talk and to do a medical evaluation as well.


If the patient is permitted to come over to China for medical treatment, LHS will guide the patient, step by step, to be admitted into the hospital in China.
And the in-China service would start at the airport.

LHS will send someone to the airport to greet the patient group.


Upon request, an assistant/interpreter assigned by LHS would be with the patient all the time in hospital to help arranging everything.

This service will be from the first day of airport greeting to the day the patient leaves hospital and seeing-off at the airport.